Hungary acts as a convenient gateway between Western and Eastern Europe from it’s location near the center of the continent. Culturally and geographically the odd one out, the small landlocked country is a unique and popular European travel destination thanks to its long and fascinating history, stunning countryside, and warm and welcoming people.

Hungary Travel Guide

The Hungarians are descended from the Magyars of Russia, and the country has at various points been ruled by the Mongols, the Austrians, and the Soviet Union. This provides for a wealth of historical attractions within the Hungarian countryside and in its cosmopolitan capital, Budapest.

Indeed, almost every holiday in Hungary begins in this elegant city, a bohemian metropolis with plenty of attractions in the form of museums, monuments, and historic buildings. Budapest comes alive after dark, with a riotous and romantic nightlife and a restaurant scene that offers something for every traveler.

Outside of the capital, however, Hungary’s rolling countryside contains charming towns and villages with medieval squares and picturesque castles that are definitely worth visiting. Travelers can explore the vineyards around Eger, relax in the thermal mineral baths of Balatonfured, or wander the quaint towns of the beautiful Danube Bend for an unforgettable Hungary vacation.

Best time to visit Hungary

Summer is the best time to visit Hungary, when the weather is warm and all the restaurants and attractions are open for tourists. Hungary’s climate is temperate, but winters are cold and the weather in spring and autumn is unpredictable

What to pack

Pack layers, as the weather in Hungary can be unpredictable.

What to buy

Tokaji wine.


Goulash soup, strudel, and crepes.

A final word

Hungary’s stunning landscape and fascinating history make it a convenient and delightful stop on any European holiday.

TIME ZONE: Summer: GMT +2 hours, Winter +1 hour
CURRENCY: Hungarian Forint (HUF). There are ATMs in major cities and credit cards are accepted
LANGUAGES: Hungarian (Magyar) is the official language and outside Budapest little English spoken. A smattering of German is useful.