There is no other travel destination on earth that has the romantic pull of France. Idealized by millions all over the world, dreams of French holidays involve champagne on the Eiffel Tower, cruises on the Seine, bicycling through wine country and exploring the resorts of the Côte d’Azur.

France Travel Guide

A holiday in France offers a wide variety of attractions for all travelers, whether interested in culture and history or just having a good time. While Paris is famous for its sophistication, there are more than 40,000 castles and chateaus dotting the countryside, dozens of ski resorts in the French Alps, holiday towns along the coast, and countless cities and villages hidden around every hill providing never-ending opportunities to explore.

French culture is known for it’s effortless sophistication, including the gastronomic delights of French cuisine, museums dedicated to centuries of French art, and the sought-after haute couture creations of French fashion designers. Whether looking for a city break in Paris or exploring the lesser-known delights of Alsace-Lorraine, a holiday in France is the dream vacation for many.

Best time to visit France

France has four distinct seasons and each season offers delights for travelers. Arguably the best time to visit is in late spring (May) and early autumn (September), to avoid the crowds of summer and the harshly cold winters. Having said that, summer (June to August) remains the most popular season to visit France.

What to pack

A French phrasebook. Many French outside of Paris don’t speak English, and a little French will make life that much easier for you, even in the capital.

What to buy

French wine and Parisian fashion.


Croissants, macaroons, frog’s legs.

A final word

High fashion, delicious food, and an overwhelming sense of romance make France one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

DISTANCE FROM AIRPORT TO CITY CENTRE: Paris: 25 kilometres, Nice: 7 kilometres, Lyon: 20 kilometres
TIME ZONE: Summer: GMT +2 hours, Winter +1 hour
LANGUAGES: French, with English often spoken in main tourist areas