The vast country of Canada is a land of windswept prairies, towering mountains, field’s of glaciers, pristine lakes, and rocky coastlines. Filled with diverse wildlife and equally diverse landscapes, the Canadian great outdoors is it’s greatest draw card as a travel destination.

Canada Travel Guide

Canada’s wild allure is magnetic for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts, with ample opportunity for activities like hiking, canoeing, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, and even dog sledding.

While the image of Canada in most people’s minds is one of untouched wilderness, Canada’s cities are also extremely worthwhile and the country’s urban destinations are attracting ever more attention. Whether you’d like to attend a rodeo in Calgary, marvel at the museums in Ottawa, browse the restaurants and art galleries of Toronto’s Distillery
District, or have a picnic in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, the cosmopolitan cities spread across Canada offer a high quality of life and a range of sightseeing attractions that will please any traveler.

Much like the US, Canada is vast and each province or territory has developed a distinct cultural character. Some travelers will be enthralled by the French charm and historic fortifications of Quebec, while others will rave about the Scottish flavour and rich seafaring history of Nova Scotia. Canada could fill a lifetime of holidays.

Best time to visit Canada

The weather in Canada is extreme, ranging from frigidly cold in winter to uncomfortably hot in the peak of summer. The size of the country and the vast variability of terrain also means that the climate ranges quite drastically between regions. Canada is a year-round destination, attracting winter sports enthusiasts in the snowy months, and nature lovers in autumn with glorious fall foliage. However, the best time to visit Canada is generally summer (June to August), when it is hot and lush. May and September are the best times to go for smaller crowds, as few American and Canadian families travel at these times.

What to Pack

The warmest clothes possible (when traveling in winter)

What to Buy

Hockey, memorabilia and Native American art.


Pancakes with maple syrup and fresh British Columbia salmon.

A final word

An untamed wilderness dotted with cosmopolitan cities, a holiday in Canada really is the best of both worlds.

TIME ZONE: Canada has six time zones, from GMT -8 British Columbia in the west, to GMT -3.5 in Newfoundland and Labrador in the east
CURRENCY: Canadian Dollar (CAD). Credit cards are widely accepted and ATMs easily found
LANGUAGES: English and French are the official languages