The ‘Eastern Empire’ of Europe, Austria is one of the cultural hubs of the continent, with grand palaces and Baroque abbeys on a par with the famous landmarks of Paris and London. The rich cultural history of cities like Vienna and Salzburg has given birth to symphonies by Beethoven and waltzes by Strauss, as well as ground-breaking intellectuals like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

Austria Travel Guide

The former center of the Hapsburg Empire, Austria’s illustrious history is evident in not only its grand buildings, but it’s busy cultural calendar, filled with balls, festivals, and other events that play a major role in the European social calendar.

Outside of the major cities, the rolling landscape of Austria provides endless entertainment with quaint villages and fashionable resorts dotting the valleys and vistas of the Austrian Alps. Skiing in the Alps at resorts like St Anton and Zell am See is among the most popular activities on a winter holiday in Austria, while the idyllic summers can be spent on cruises on the Danube or cycling the vineyards of rural Burgenland and Styria.

Best time to visit Austria

The weather in Austria is warm and pleasant between April and September. The best time to visit Austria is May and September, which is generally agreed upon by the swarms of tourists who visit during that period. The weather in Austria tends to be a little cooler than other parts of Europe, making the summer months of July and August a good time to visit.

Pack for Austria

Dress clothes: Austria can be very traditional, and formal dress is appropriate at many restaurants, clubs, and events.

Buy in Austria

Swarovski crystals and Austrian lace


Apfelstrudel (apple strudel)

A final word

A refined blend of cultures and a proud sense of history make a holiday in Austria an attractive prospect for many travelers.

TIME ZONE: Summer: GMT +2 hours, Winter +1 hour
CURRENCY: Euro (EUR). Credit cards are widely accepted and ATMs regularly available.
LANGUAGES: Austria is German speaking, but English tends to be widely understood.